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Personal injuries occur daily. Burns, abuse, slips, falls, car accidents, medical malpractice, etc. are just a few ways people can experience an injury. Possibly entitled to compensation, a person who experiences an injury due to carelessness or negligence by another person should seek legal counsel. Medical expenses, lost earnings, economic losses, and non-economic losses caused by a personal injury may be recoverable.

Common Personal Injury Cases

Property Liability

Property owners are responsible for any issues caused by their property. For example, unsafe porches or decks, lack of building security, swimming pool accidents, fires, water damage, toxic chemicals, etc. are common issues that may cause direct harm to the public or individuals who use the property. Legally responsible, property owners who do not properly maintain their property can be held liable.

Animal Attacks

Whether or not an animal is deemed dangerous, an animal attack by a domesticated animal may result in the owner being held liable. Damages caused by an animal attack are often severe or life-threatening. In many cases, compensation for damages may be determined to be the responsibility of the pet owner.

Abuse in Nursing Homes

Due to various conditions, nursing home abuse often goes unreported. If any signs of abuse are suspected, both police and legal counsel should be sought out. A vulnerable age group, seniors must be protected from poor conditions, physical abuse, and mental abuse.

Falling and Slipping

The most common cause of personal injury, falling or slipping is experienced by many people every day. Occurring on government, residential, and commercial properties, falling or slipping accidents are often the result of unsafe conditions, such as a wet floor, snow, ice, etc. If an accident occurred as the result of negligent conditions, the property owner may be held liable.

Seeking justice for a personal injury shouldn't be a difficult or stressful experience. Protecting your rights, our team is dedicated to prosecuting negligent or careless acts by others. Getting you the compensation and justice you deserve, we will tailor each case to each person's unique situation and follow it through till the end. Ensure a negligent or careless person is held accountable for their actions, contact us today for more information.