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A daily occurrence, vehicle accidents can cause both extensive damage to your vehicle and physical harm to your body. Often devastating, vehicle accidents range in severity. Involving a variety of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, planes, bicycles, boats, buses, motorcycles, etc., a vehicle accident can cause both severe injuries and property damage.

Common Types of Vehicle Accidents

Driver Error

The most common cause of vehicle accidents is driver error. Recognition errors, decision errors, performance errors, and non-performance errors are all common forms of driver error. A recognition error consists of internal or external distractions affecting a person's ability to drive. A decision error can consist of driving too fast, driving too aggressively, etc. A performance error may be poor direction control, panic while driving, etc. A non-performance error often consists of falling asleep, or experiencing some sort of health issue while driving.

Rollover Accidents

One of the most dangerous types of vehicle accidents, most rollover accidents are caused by an action called tripping. Tripping is described as a vehicle hitting any type of hard surface, such as curbs, guardrails, snow banks, etc., and flipping over. Generally, SUV's and pickup trucks are the most susceptible to rollover accidents. Numerous actions can contribute to a rollover accident, including driving too fast, distracted driving, weather conditions, etc. If a rollover accident is caused by a separate party, the separate party is liable for their actions and any damages caused.

Vehicle Error

Another common cause of vehicle accidents is vehicle error. If any part of a vehicle breaks, such as the steering or tires, an accident may result. Properly maintaining vehicles can prevent most vehicle errors from occurring while driving. Providing further information by evaluating a vehicle and any drivers involved and the accident scene, an exact cause can be determined. Once a cause is pinpointed, liability can be proved to achieve justice.

Aviation Errors

Often resulting in substantial property damage, aviation accidents are particularly catastrophic. Due to the high fatality rate from aviation accidents, wrongful death suits are a common occurrence. Recovering compensation, a solid wrongful death suit must include information on any careless or negligent plane maintenance or operational behavior.

Boating Errors

A popular activity, recreational boating can result in a boating accident. Caused by many factors, boating accidents are often due to operator inattention or operator inexperience. Any injuries resulting from a boating accident vary in severity, from complete loss of life to broken bones, sprains, spinal cord injuries, etc. If the accident or resulting injuries can be traced back to negligent behavior by a certain party or group of parties, that individual or group or individuals can be held formally liable.

Vehicle Accident Liability

When a driver or vehicle operator acts in a careless or negligent way they are liable and responsible for damages. Engaging in poor and avoidable driving behavior causes accidents and injuries. Holding the careless vehicle operator accountable, a driver's actions must be thoroughly proven negligent. Once proven, a negligent vehicle operator will be required to pay any relevant medical expenses, lost wages, fees associated with pain and suffering, etc.

Vehicle accidents are a common occurrence. If serious or permanent damages or injuries result from negligent driver behavior, compensation may be recovered. Necessary to cover medical fees, lost wages, emotional trauma, etc., recovering compensation requires efficient and effective legal counsel. Determined to help every victim of a vehicle accident recover the compensation they deserve, contact our team today for more information.