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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles are a popular form of transportation for civilians across the world because of their versatility. Riders of bicycles receive the benefit of exercise and recreation all the while avoiding the pollution to the environment that other common modes of transportation cause. By riding a bicycle, you are improving your own well-being as well as preventing further damage to the environment. The benefits of riding a bicycle are outstanding to both the rider and the community, which is why it is disappointing when bicyclists are thrust into harmful situations as a result of not being treated with the due care that other vehicles receive.

We are committed to protecting bicyclists and ensuring that they are entitled to a safe ride. If you have ever been injured while biking due to the negligence of another person, you deserve to be compensated. Our firm can help you receive the payment you are entitled to.

Why do you need a lawyer for a bicycle accident?

Using a bicycle is dangerous regardless of how safely you ride. As with all forms of transportation, the mistake of one inattentive driver or pedestrian can result in serious damage to your health. Every six hours, a bicyclist is fatally injured as a result of a collision with an automobile. Due to a lack of safety equipment and fair treatment, bicyclists are vulnerable and need protection.

The amount of money that insurance companies pay out to injured bicyclists is much lower than what the average victim receives in both vehicle and pedestrian collisions. This is a trend that cannot be continued.

Although compensation cannot undo your injuries, it can help protect you and your family. Insurance companies will do their best to prevent giving you the amount of compensation you deserve. which is why you need an attorney. Our firm can guarantee that your injuries will not be ignored. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that the compensation you receive will not be a lesser amount simply because you are a bicyclist.