What We Can Do

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes are supposed to provide a safe, secure and compassionate place to bring a loved for extended care. They are meant to provide families and patients with the peace of mind knowing they are in good hands. However, in recent years many nursing homes have been exposed as abusive, fraudulent and neglectful of the very patients they are supposed be taking care of. Nursing homes are finding it increasingly difficult to get away with abusing and neglecting their occupants. This is thanks to the hard fighting legal and investigative teams assembled by our attorneys that are dedicated to uncovering nursing home abuse.

Report the Abuse

The first step if you suspect abuse is to contact the authorities and make arrangements to have the family member immediately removed from the premises. Families should then report the neglect or abuse to the nursing home staff who should provide you with a plan of action to remedy the situation. Its then up to you and other family members to decide you the resident should be readmitted. However, in cases where the problem is more of an institutional dilemma and you believe the entire staff is responsible, then it's time to call an experienced legal team to get to the root of your problem. We will provide solutions, take action and hold the home liable for their negligence. Your loved ones deserve to be in a home that places patient care and the best interest of the residents above all else.

File Claims

Our legal team will determine how to file the appropriate claims and report the abuse to state authorities who will investigate the accusations. After you have taken the necessary actions to report the abuse you may consider taking legal action against the nursing home. Our legal offices will seek compensation for medical bills associated with the abuse. In addition we will seek punitive damages for your loved one's mental anguish, pain and suffering for taking months or even years of abuse at the hands of a merciless nursing home staff. Our skilled and experienced attorneys know how to handle these cases and get you results fast. You placed your trust in this facility and were betrayed. Now it's time for us to get you the respect, dignity and compensation your family deserves. Call our offices and tell us about your case. We fight hard to get the justice your loved ones are entitled to.